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Browsing “ALL” Scholarships: You may click on the “All” menu under “Opportunities” in the menu above and browse additional opportunities. This list shows all scholarships without filtering them based on your individual credentials, so save your valuable time by reading the descriptions carefully before applying.

To view the scholarship opportunities for which you may possibly be eligible, you may click “Recommended” under “Opportunities” above.

Automatch scholarships will appear with “None” listed under the “Action” column – this means an additional application is not required for consideration. If the scholarship appears with “Apply” under the “Action” column – please read each description thoroughly and apply to each scholarship separately.

If after reading a scholarship description, you know you don’t qualify, don’t apply.

Additional scholarship opportunities may become available after the General Scholarship Application has been completed. It is your responsibility to check MSU’s Online Scholarship System frequently for additional scholarship opportunities that may become available.

The “Deadline” column indicates the deadline to complete the application to receive consideration. This is not the deadline to accept the award.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
There are not any opportunities available.